The University of Warwick is currently undertaking a transformation of campus. Whilst the works are happening there will inevitably be some disruption. We are aiming to keep this to a very minimum, however, please allow extra time for your journey. Click here for up to date information on the road works.

It’s our 40th birthday and to celebrate, we have a gift for you, our audiences. Brightening up those dark autumnal evenings, The Pool will take up residence for two weeks outside Warwick Arts Centre’s main entrance. Created by US-based artist Jen Lewin, The Pool has had audiences around the world painting and splashing light in unison.

Formed from interactive circular pads, The Pool is an environment of giant, concentric circles. Step into a playful world where you, along with friends, family and strangers collaborate to generate mesmerising patterns of shifting and fading colours.

A giant game that will have you running, jumping, adding, bouncing, and mixing light together. Bring family and friends and join us for a pool party.

“Transforms casual observers into animated and engaged revelers, causing grownups and kids alike to jump, stomp, run and cheer” Wired Magazine