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Now with more songs, more tunes, and with yet more added bonus ukuleles, including the tiny sopranino, the contrabass, and the fuzz-distorted, portable “non-mains-electricity” Judas Ukulele! From Housewives Choice to Voodoo Chile, the ukes’ genre-crashing antics continue.

Fresh after invigorating winter touring in Switzerland, USA, Germany, Shetland, Denmark and Sweden, and prior to this year’s tours of China and Japan, the rabblerousing, crowd-pleasing, all-singing, all-plucking ensemble returns to tour the UK. This timeless group brings a new, lively immediacy to its material in a hilarious, entertaining, witty shopping trolley dash through all genres of music, from pompous classical to trivial pop, and vice versa.

With favourite tunes and songs from their Live at Sydney Opera House DVD and bringing previews of previously unheard new tracks from the forthcoming 2014 album, the Ukes bring portraits and caricatures of well known songs, sketches and impressions of the whole range of sonic arts.

Don’t take their celebrity fans word for it, whether Michael Palin, Timothy West, Bette Midler, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Michael Gambon or Jeremy Paxman. See and hear for yourself why superlative word-of-mouth recommendations have led to sold out shows and standing ovations all over the world.

If the sheer entertainment appeal of the UkesGB (the original Ukulele Orchestra, the oldest and best) could be bottled, it would increase your well-being in one dose. Failing that, experience the boost by joining the Ukes live. And recreate rock history by shouting “Judas” when they claim to be going electric.