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Six nights of fantastic new ideas, explosions, experiments and answers to questions taxing the University of Warwick’s finest minds. After the sell-out success of last year’s lectures, tickets for these fabulous and free events, produced in association with the University of Warwick’s Faculty of Science, are likely to fly out the door like an excited quark!

Seeing the Noise: The Physics of Our Senses
with Professor Adrian Wilson
Wed 3 Dec 7.30pm

How do we know something is hot or sharp and we shouldn’t touch it? How do we see an object? How do we hear music? The answer is the amazing range of senses we humans have and in this lecture we will show how all our senses are based on simple physics which everyone can understand. Be prepared to volunteer your senses as members of the audience will become live exhibits!

The Bruker Warwick Christmas Lecture
A Room with a Boom!
with Nick Barker
Thu 4 Dec 7.30pm

A series of chemical reactions to demonstrate the amusement, beauty and importance of Chemistry. This talk presents a rare opportunity to see both a nappy and hydrochloric acid in the same lecture. Expect loud bangs!


With kind support from The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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The Bosch Automotive Warwick Christmas Lecture
Marvellous Magnets and Shocking Electricity
with Ally Caldecote
Fri 5 Dec 7.30pm

Electricity can blow your mind and make your hair stand on end. In this electrifying lecture Ally Caldecote from the physics department will show some of the super things that physicists can do that will spark your curiosity for science.


Talk Amongst Your Cells
with Dr Miriam Gifford
Mon 8 Dec 7.30pm

Animals and plants are made up of many different cells that have to work together to enable living things to grow… So cells have to talk to each other, even the cells in slime mould! Come with us to play ping pong and Chinese whispers to give you a cell’s eye view of trying to make yourselves heard!

How I Accidentally Became a Supervillain
with Dr Matthew Leeke
Tue 9 Dec 7.30pm

It started innocently, but using computers to store data and to track his morning commute soon led Matt to start plotting to take control of drones and other dastardly deeds – we’ll let you judge how much of a baddie he is now!

Sleigh Bells and Decibels
with Dr John Halpin
Wed 10 Dec 7.30pm

Featuring how to break glass with just your voice, music from electrical sparks and how to play Christmas carols on straws.