One day, Bear’s life changes forever when, deep in the branches of the tree he hears the munching and a crunching of a bright green Caterpillar.

Bear and Caterpillar soon become the best of friends, Caterpillar munching happily through tales of Bear’s younger life catching fish, raising cubs and being big, strong and fierce.

But one day Caterpillar stops munching and looks sick. Bear cares for his friend and lays him on a pile of dry leaves, promising him that he’ll get better soon. Bear fears he will lose his friend but, as if by magic, Caterpillar grows and stretches and from the leaves emerges a beautiful butterfly. Can Bear come to terms with this new version of his friend who flies high above the trees and has stories of his own?

Puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling combine in this charming tale about love, loss and friendship, for ages 4+ and their families.

This is a show which audience members young and old will thoroughly enjoy.” British Theatre Guide

“Thank you for such a really excellent show, my five grandchildren loved it. All of them, even the 2 year old, sat without any disruption throughout the whole show. The props were fantastic, the music was excellent from owl, the actors deserve a medal and I will be looking out for future events from your company.” Feedback from an audience member at Hartlepool Town Hall