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An unpredictable and riotous performance that unpicks what it is to be in an argument, and how we win and lose while our trousers are down.

The piece inhabits a universal setting around a table, with 5 performers and a piano. This could be a rowdy pub, UN Security Council or a family dinner in some colonial haven. The group appropriate provocative actions and statements, like puppets, discussing who owns what, who should listen to whom, and what is, or isn’t ok to say.
Elegant and hauntingly simple piano studies, by Matteo Fargion, punctuate a formal, tight, rhythmical, structure, within which these messy, confusing ideas exist. Creating a jolting disruption, the work provokes questions on the absurdities of political stances, self-belief, power, manipulation and confrontation. Through it all there is a slow sense of undoing, revealing how the physical, animal body exists within these intellectual and political constructs.

Dog Kennel Hill project is the coming together of Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Their work is characterized by its subtle wit, resistance to definition and ability to surprise and intrigue. It has been described as intriguing, slippery, mind-blowing and laugh-out-loud funny.

Their practice is stimulated by rubbing up against conventional preconceptions, structures and expectations and they are particularly interested in addressing the politics that underpin the culture that is assumed to be normal.

“So this was monumental in socio-sexual as well as religious, anti dogmatic forms of play, Caravagio, Konrad, and the tradition of British sprechtheater. Bang.” Audience member quote The Yard