An imaginative tale of chaos and calm, Hurricane Boy is a delight of physical storytelling and live music, much loved by children and their families.

A lonely boy lives alone, each day rebuilding his house from the rubbish whipped up by the winds. A girl appears and brings him through the gales and the rain. Together they share a summer of blue skies and warm sun. But when the hurricane takes her away the boy has to find his way, on his own.
Ellen Havard, supported artist at Pegasus Theatre, directs a talented team in this production, supported by Arts Council England, The Egg, Bath and Oxford Playhouse.

Hurricane Boy is an original story told using a variety of physical languages on stage. Full of invention, heart and charm, I couldn’t resist it.” Kate Cross (Director of The Egg, Bath)
“Really beautiful, haunting and simple. We both loved it.” Audience member
“Really beautiful aesthetic, sunny, gorgeous music, playful actors.” Audience member
“I thought your show was really nice. It made me feel I was in the show.” Shaniay, aged 10