One World Week at the University of Warwick is the world’s largest student-run international event and one of the most exciting weeks on campus. Taking place every January, One World Week is a celebration of the cultures and diversity represented at Warwick and features a broad spectrum of events, all aiming to encourage cultural integration, acceptance and co-operation.

The Fashion Show is a celebration of international culture at Warwick and one of the most anticipated and successful events of One World Week. It encompasses the diversity of culture at Warwick through clothing and performance as well as the choreographed main models. It is a chance for students to express their creativity through a visually enticing show, and for cultural and performance societies to come together and showcase their traditions and talent alongside one another.

The theme for the show this year is based around the idea of the Circus and the emotions and atmosphere that creates. The four distinct sections of the show are ‘Alegria…Be carefree,’ ‘Amaluna…Be romantic,’ ‘Temerario…Be courageous,’ and ‘Zaia…Be wild.’ Societies will complement the conveyance of these emotions through their cultural traditions and/or performance styles.

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