Look At Me Now, Mummy is a comi-tragic one-woman show, made in 2008 with Vincent’s longest term Polish collaborator Aurora Lubos, 8 months after she gave birth to her first child. Look At Me Now, Mummy is an intimate, funny and moving portrait of a mother’s desire to look the part, whilst not really knowing what part it is that she is supposed to be playing. It’s about trial and error and theatrical failure, with a baby always crying somewhere in the distance.

“Vincent’s feminist subtext never overpowers Lubos’s exquisitely pitched performance or compromises the choreography’s harrowingly sustained focus. Small but beautiful.” The Observer

Short Changed – Preshow Talk
Wed 11 Mar 6.30pm

Dr Cath Lambert, Associate Professor in Sociology at University of Warwick in conversation with Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent, discussing the role of live arts in enacting social and political change.

Helen Martin Studio FREE

Post Show Talk Wed 11 Mar

Look At Me Now, Mummy was originally co-commissioned by Danceworks UK (South Yorkshire), The Point, (Eastleigh), Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham) and The Tron Theatre (Glasgow) and funded by Arts Council England.