A rollercoaster ride through the mind-boggling mysteries of everyday life…

Olive’s always daydreaming. She daydreams about what’s going on inside her cat’s head, or about that weird picture above her bed of a steam train puffing out of a fireplace… Then one day, on her way to school, another very odd train chugs into the station- it’s studded with olives, for one thing, and there’s no driver….So Olive boldly jumps aboard and, WOOHOO, she’s driving her very own dream train and it can take her absolutely anywhere!

“Rarely does a show seem so perfectly formed” ★★★★★ Children’s Theatre Magazine (on Mucky Pup 2014)
“Theatre Alibi never produces something just ordinary” Parent
“Children’s theatre doesn’t come much better than this” The Stage
“Theatre Alibi excels at captivating young audiences” The Stage
“The world would be a poorer place without you” Parent