This event is free, and spaces will be offered on the day on a first-come, first-served basis.

A talk by film and music critic Joshua Clover, Professor of English Literature at University of California, Davis.

The riot has returned as a central feature of social antagonism. From whence has it returned, why now, and what does it want? In considering these questions, the talk will look at actual images of riots that circulate online, so common and compelling they have become a genre unto themselves. But what are we seeing in these images, beyond chaos, violence, desperation? Alongside these images, the talk will consider some classic cinematic representations, including scenes from Do The Right Thing, Children of Men, and The Hunger Games. The talk will confront the question of whether the riot’s intense visual appeal is a feature or a failing, how we might understand the new Age of Riots, and how it might unfold over the coming years.