After a hugely successful conference in 2014, inspired by the renowned TED ethos of ‘ideas worth spreading’, TEDx returns to Warwick Arts Centre for what promises to be the most stimulating and fascinating conference yet. Since its inception in 2009, TEDxWarwick has succeeded in achieving the global benchmark in showcasing revolutionary technology, science and innovation.

Ground-breaking ideas such as Martin Birchall’s stem cell research and Dickson Despommier’s Vertical Farms have been exhibited at previous conferences alongside Zena Agha’s unique viewpoint of how Islam made her a feminist. TEDxWarwick 2015 continues in the footsteps of previous conferences, ensuring the hunt for the best ideas in the world is more ambitious and expansive than ever.

The theme for TEDxWarwick 2015 is Anthropocene – The Age of Man and the day will highlight individuals who have revolutionised attitudes and approaches in the sciences, humanities and arts.

TEDxWarwick 2015 will demonstrate the positive impact that humankind is having on local and international communities but also discuss the untold problems society will be confronted with in the future.

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