The UK premiere and only UK date.

Imagine the history of the human race as a tower.

At the base of the tower, the start of humanity. Dangerous. Savage. Nature unspoilt. At the top of the tower, Paradise.

What happens in between? Each generation occupies its own floor, and looks up to the future, and down to the past.

What knowledge travels up and down the tower? What information or discoveries or science should we send up to the next floor to ensure future generations make a better world? What information do we keep for ourselves because it’s too dirty or corrupt or immoral? And what would happen to the world if we start sending what we know now back through time?

Join Third Angel and Mala Voadora for an incredible tale of our time and of the past and of the future.

Post Show Talk Wed 11 Feb

A co-production with Teatro Maria Matos and Warwick Arts Centre.