Due to popular demand we will be hosting another Q&A with the production team and James Cosmo on Fri 17 Jul

If we have been remiss in our life, and hurt the people we most love, is it ever too late to redress the balance? Ray, a retired boxer, estranged from his son, records his loves, regrets, and his greatest life lessons to a camera in an empty boxing gym. His is the hope that no estrangement is permanent, and that it is never too late to say sorry.

“A magnificent piece of work, truly impressive, moving and memorable.” Norman Stone, BAFTA and EMMY award winner

“Powerfully written, astoundingly well acted and rivetingly shot, The Pyramid Texts is a small masterpiece.” Michael Palin

“Riveting performance from James Cosmo. In absolute stillness, in the sweat and spit of a renowned gym, we are transported to a place where we have to consider life and fear, and the relationships with those who give us life and teach us about fear.” Gareth A Davies, TalkSPORT.