Exclusive / 1-2-1 tutoring (only 8 people on course)

Mark Batey is a video journalism trainer who has worked with hundreds of broadcast and print journalists. With many years’ experience as a BBC Video Journalist, producer and reporter, he uses story-based training methods to take absolute beginners and give them the confidence to create great video reports. On a typical course you will learn how to plan a shoot, how to construct sequences of shots and film interviews that sound and look professional. You will learn how to write for video and edit your footage into engaging stories that will make an impact.

Course outline:
* Using smartphones or tablets – how to turn them into movie cameras
* Sequence construction – gathering the shots you need to tell a visual story
* Interviewing – asking the right questions, getting interviews looking and sounding great
* Planning and researching a story
* Video editing – getting your material onto the timeline
* Learning from the professionals – seeing how the broadcast journalists tell stories on screen
* Writing and presenting for the screen
* Building a story from start to finish
* Exporting and publishing

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