‘To ransack Troy, within whose strong immures / The ravished Helen, Menelaus’ queen, / With wanton Paris sleeps, and that’s the quarrel.’

It is seven years into the Trojan war, the Greeks have sailed to Troy to reclaim Menelaus’ wife Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. But now Achilles, a demigod and the Greek’s best hope for victory, is refusing to fight. Meanwhile within the walls of Troy, the Trojan prince Troilus has fallen in love with a young girl named Cressida.

Come and see Warwick University Drama Society’s retelling of Shakespeare’s epic tale; a fast paced exploration of myth, war, and the heroes that take part in it. With a timeless setting, and both male and female warriors, this production looks at this epic tale in a new and exciting light.

Schools: £6 tickets are available. Please contact Box Office on 024 7652 4524 for more information.