Haydn Quartet in F minor Op.20 No.5
Schnittke Quartet No.3 (1983)
Beethoven Quartet in B flat Op.130 with Grosse Fuge finale Op.133

“What do I care for your wretched violin? I’m speaking to my God!” Ludwig van Beethoven could be impatient – but then, he was hearing sounds that no-one had ever heard before. And in his Op.130, he wrestled them into a string quartet that might just be the greatest thing he ever wrote.

It’s a tremendous way to launch the Coull Quartet’s new season; first, though, Russian maverick Alfred Schnittke takes a freewheeling waltz through musical history – and we hear the quartet that might have ignited Beethoven’s imagination: a sparkly mini-masterpiece by the daddy of them all, Joseph “Papa” Haydn.