This performance will now take place in the Helen Martin Studio and not the studio as advertised. Please ask Box Office to direct you if you are unsure as to where to go.

Have you ever seen a polar bear in the flesh? Have you ever been close enough to notice just how white these magnificent mammals are? Here is your chance to get up close and personal – remove your shoes, coats and bags, as you are about to encounter the Arctic’s whitest apex predator, with black skin.

Join one of our well trained members of staff as we enter the polar bear’s natural habitat and let you experience this animal like never before. Be one of the privileged few that can say they have pet, played with, and fed a polar bear as if you were one of The Zoo’s Arctic keepers.

This is a participatory solo event that explores race, identity and the community within today’s society.

Running Time: 60 mins (note: audience interactivity can impact on time)
Suitable for ages 14+

Jamal Harewood is a live artist who creates temporary communities through participatory events, and believes that these events should be a playful experience that allows everyone to get involved. The performances created focus on ideas of identity and race within the community. He has a keen interest in abolishing the performer/ audience hierarchy that frequently occurs within theatre.

“an extraordinary charged and disturbing meditation on cultural stereotypes and perceptions and fears” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

University of Warwick graduates Barrel Organ Theatre Company come together to curate a festival of theatre. Through panels, performances and discussions, they address questions of political assembly, social expression and professional development.

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