A major solo exhibition of photographic and film works by the internationally-respected artist, Gerard Byrne, continues at the Mead Gallery to great critical acclaim.

Renowned for his film installations which re-enact conversations from specific historic moments, Irish artist Gerard Byrne works with photography, video and live art to explore the way we understand the present, through revisiting the past.

“A strong sense of time’s playfulness and inauthenticity dominates the exhibition space in the Mead Gallery on the occasion of the Gerard Byrne’s show 1/125 of a second…” said Dominika Mackiewicz in her review of the exhibition. “It is a playground that showcases the illusionistic nature of the photography, language and art itself. This challenging exhibition is an intellectual stimulus, where viewers involuntarily take part in sensorial spectacle.”

Gerard Byrne: 1/125 of a second includes the world premiere of a new film by the artist, which was commissioned by the Mead Gallery with Monash University Museum of Art in Melbourne and Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Gerard Byrne explores in his film this immersive representation of a Nordic wilderness as an image that is fixed both in the time of its making and of the present. The 19th century diorama is a form of representation that anticipates the invention of both photography and cinema. The work stages a confrontation between the photographic image and 
the forms of representation that it supplanted and raises questions as 
to what comes next.

The exhibition also includes – amongst other works – the three-screen video work, Subject, for which the artist used archival material from Leeds University to explore students’ experiences of life on campus in the 1960s: a film with some surprising resonances with the University of Warwick today.

Gerard Byrne: 1/125 of a second has been selected as ‘Critics Choice’ by FT Weekend and as ‘Pick of the Week’ by The Guardian Guide. It has been reviewed by critics for The Independent, Art Review, Photo Monitor, AN (Artists Newsletter), The White Review and New Art West Midlands with a further review anticipated in Art Monthly.

Film works are presented according to a schedule, which begins when the Mead Gallery opens at 12 noon and ends at 9pm each evening. Visitors to the exhibition have said: “I love the video on Leeds University. Feels so real, so emotive, so raw. Sex and drugs are interestingly explored; poses questions and allows you to form your own answers”; “The idea of showing different things at different times is so great … and makes you return”; “Very interesting abstract exhibition – more like this please!”

A publication that examines this new 
work by Gerard Byrne will accompany 
the exhibition. Ideas about his work and about representation will be discussed 
by academic staff and guest speakers 
at an important Study Day in March. 
For details, go to Photography, Film and Provisionality: Trapped inside the image

The Monash-Warwick Alliance supports this exhibition, publication and the 
events programme.

Gerard Byrne is represented in London by Lisson Gallery, in Dublin by Kerlin Gallery, and in Stockholm by Galerie Nordenhake.

Download the Teacher’s Resource or view online.

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