During this fun and relaxed course you will learn the basic controls and techniques common to your digital SLR camera. You will develop the confidence to stop shooting in auto and get the best out of your DSLR camera whilst developing compositional and creative awareness. This course will cover/ include:

  • Camera basics – How a digital SLR works. The 3 basics Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.
  • Understanding the settings and modes on your camera.
  • Practical – slow exposures and painting with light. Developing an understanding of how adjusting the settings on you camera has a creative impact upon how your pictures look.
  • Creative discussion about choosing a future body of work to shoot and motivating yourself to get out and about with your camera. Thinking creatively and learning from the masters.
  • Taking control of focus – both Auto and Manual. Choosing focus points, focus locking and recomposing using centre weighted focus and manual focusing.
  • Practical – experimenting with Depth of Field, Focus points and correctly exposing a picture.
  • Do you see the light? Metering modes and Exposure Compensation. Composition and lighting – seeing the picture, White Balance, Rule of Thirds and Portrait Lighting Techniques.
  • Practical portrait shoot using available light.
  • Downloading images to your computer or tablet and basic image editing.
  • Viewing and understanding meta data (the information contained in a digital image).

Participants are asked to bring their own DSLR cameras to the workshop. Participants are also requested to bring their laptop computers to the session for sharing, viewing and editing images.

Kate Green is a Midlands based Photographer and Film Maker working in the Commercial, Social and Education sectors. After a successful career in marketing and project management she began her own photography business, in 2006, expanding into film making in 2010.

Kate’s average week can range from product advertising and marketing promotional shoots, events, weddings, birth photography, headshot / portraits and documentary film and photography. However, her true passion is participatory photography and film making helping other people to shoot, share and learn and to realise their own creativity.

Kate says: “I love my work with every age and ability, from birth to end of life and everyone in between. Personally I love photographing people and hearing their stories but it’s that special moment when I see the pride in people’s faces at what they have created and the joy they get from learning new things that makes me appreciate how lucky I am to do the work I love. You just can’t beat those ‘Eureka moments’ when someone says ‘I finally get it!” or ‘wow! so that’s what that button’s for!!!’.”