Six nights of brilliant new ideas, explosions, experiments and answers to the questions taxing the University of Warwick’s finest minds
£3.50 (FREE for schools)

The Cameron Grant Memorial Trust Christmas Lecture 2016: I Feel It in My Fingers, I Feel It in My Toes

with Liz Blagrove (Psychology)
Mon 28 Nov 7pm

Discover what role emotions play in your interactions with friends and family, what impact your brain has and how emotions are communicated and measured. Expect lots of activities in this lively interactive lecture.

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Googling & Gaming by Numbers

with Richard Lissaman (Maths)
Wed 30 Nov 7pm

At the heart of all search engines and video games is maths. Search engines like Google depend on basic algebra, while video games require thousands of calculations. Come along and prepare to see deep into their inner workings.

There’s No Business like Snowbusiness

with Ally Caldecote (Physics)
Fri 2 Dec 1.15pm

Ally Caldecote considers all things snow. What is temperature, how can we change the state of a material and most importantly, how to stop getting snowed in again.

The Chorus of the Cosmos: The Search for Gravitational Waves

with Greg Brown (Physics)
Mon 5 Dec 7pm

Prepare to be stretched, strained, compressed and exploded as we explore the universe in a whole new way. Join us on the quest for gravitational waves

The Bruker Warwick Christmas Lecture: The Great Christmas Cake Off

with Selina Kermode (Chemistry)
Wed 7 Dec 7pm

Chemist Selina will take you through the unseen side of baking a cake. We’ll explore your ingredients and discover how to get the biggest flame on your Christmas pud without setting the kitchen on fire.

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The Bosch Automotive Warwick Christmas Lecture 2016: How to Survive in a Cartoon Universe

with Rachel Edwards (Physics)
Fri 9 Dec 1.15pm

So you’ve found yourself sucked into a cartoon universe, and the laws of physics seem a little different here… Why doesn’t that coyote fall off that cliff? Join us to find out what gadgets you’ll need and the science you’ll need to know in order to survive.

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