Expert forager Emma Gunn is running a masterclass day in foraging in the British Isles!

Looking at the benefits of foraging – alongside what is available each season and how to prepare your findings – recipe ideas as well as toxic lookalikes, Emma will lead walks through the campus looking at what is available in the different habitats.

Come along to discover what is right on our doorstep! A foraged lunch is provided by Emma so you can sample how these wild foods can be used in cooking, whetting your appetite and encouraging you to try at home!

Bring waterproof clothing, grippy shoes suitable for muddy walks and notepads

Course Outline

1) Introduction to foraging, including the benefits, exploring the countryside/urban areas, rules and regulations

2) A foraging walk which will enable you to identify the edible species in the different habitats (having a taste of them) and identifying toxic plants to avoid

3) After lunch, a quick walk to a different habitat, to discuss botanical names and families, fungi and toxic plants

Emma Gunn is an expert forager based in the South West. A garden designer by qualification, Emma has had a passion for plants from a very young age. She was born in Canada and grew up in London, Singapore and Cheshire, finally returning to the South West to join the Eden Project from the beginning, as draughtsman, guide, seasonal displays supervisor, florist, setting up the toxic plant database for the paramedics and running foraging courses as a side line. Emma has published 2 of her series Never Mind the Burdocks – seasonal guides for beginners to experts on British Isles forageable foods, covering fungi, seaweeds, shellfish, fish, plants, etc.

Our regular T&Cs do not apply to Masterclasses, click here for full Masterclasses T&C’s