Inspired by some of the most popular mobile phone and arcade games of the last few decades, you will delve into the world of game design and make your own game to be shared online for the world to play.

Using the visual programming language SCRATCH, with its easy drag-n-drop interface, you will uncover the logic and steps needed to build the basic blocks that are at the core of most games. Adding in sound effects, animations and drawings you will create your own personal game that can be shared and played on any desktop computer using a web browser.

Within his own practice, tutor Ashley James Brown explores shared emotive experiences using technology as his medium to create his own digital playgrounds. He produces and performs electronic music under the name Arctic Sunrise and has scored several short dance films and performances as well as output on various international record labels, including his own UK based experimental label Airvent Media.

Ashley also teaches and lectures across the country to a variety of age groups and is passionate about engaging people in computer programming, digital technology and electronics through a visual arts and creative approach.

Course Outline

All participants will create their own single player game, styled and designed with their own choice of images and sounds and will share it via the web to play online.

Please note that each student will need a Laptop / Macbook / Chromebook with Google Chrome web browser installed. Tablets will not work with this course. Basic computer skills are required and the confidence to use own machine is essential.

Techniques and topics covered:

  • Games Design
  • Game Mechanics
  • Basic Programming and Logic
  • Variables
  • Level Design and Drawing
  • Character Animation
  • Basic AI
  • Collision Detection

This course is limited to 25 places and is targeted at teenagers, 11+

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