This stand-up comedy course will share the techniques of stand-up to help unleash your creativity, communicate more effectively and with more confidence. We’ll cover turning your everyday life into material, how to see jokes everywhere and how to give the illusion of a confident performance, even when you’re terrified.
Whether you’ve always secretly wanted to give it a go, or you’re just interested in how it works, this course will provide technical insight and practical application of skills. Award-winning professional comedian James Cook leads the session.

The course will include techniques on turning everyday life and funny thoughts into stand-up comedy routines through group and individual writing exercises, then in the second part we’ll focus more on the performance element through confidence building games and a chance for everyone to ‘have a go’.

James Cook is a professional comedian based in Birmingham, UK, with over 1,000 gigs worth of experience as an act and compere and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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