Session 2 – 1.45pm – 2.35pn

Horizontal is project exploring invisible disabilities,our bodies and how we relate to the world.

In 2009 Suriya was diagnosed with chronic Chiari malformation type 1. Chiari is a condition where the lower part of the brain pushes down into the spinal canal. She underwent brain surgery in 2011. The condition means she is registered disabled. Although you wouldn’t know it looking at her.

This will be an honest, funny and challenging exploration of how capitalism and our medicalised systems collide.

Milk Presents drop a bull into a gender shop and hope it breaks everything. A wild show about not taming the minotaur within. In BULLISH, ancient mythology meets modern gender negotiation.

Inspired by Ovid’s Minotaur, a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades try to pass, pack and blag their way out of the labyrinth.

An Island Nation – We are an island nation, surrounded by water that has been our protector and our isolater throughout history.

I’m going to swim to Europe and back in municipal pools, talking to people who swim inland about what it means to Brexit, investigating who we are as an island nation of inland swimmers as we set sail to leave a union behind. And then I will tell you about the people I meet, the stories I hear and the swimmers I find.

Fear is inherent within us as a survival instinct, but in today’s world as our needs have changed are our fears justified or are they the result of manipulation to keep us oppressed by those who seek power and personal gain?

Fear of Fear will explore personal and universal fears to see if we have every reason to be constantly shit scared or if like an illusion we’re seeing what the magicians want us to.

Bite Size Festival returns to Warwick Arts Centre with another exciting programme celebrating and promoting some of the most intrepid and original theatre makers based in the Midlands. A chance for you to sample a range of great theatre in one place on one day.

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