Session 3 – 3.05pm – 3.45pm

A new performance exploring greed, capitalism, economics and power, and how our relationship to money defines our relationship to the world.

The Audit turns a questioning eye and pointing finger at big banking, the human cost of economics,and the hidden monetary systems that govern how we live our lives,

The Audit is the second in a series of theatrical works by Proto-type examining contemporary politics and follows the critically acclaimed A Machine they’re Secretly Building(2016)

She’s standing in what used to be her bedroom.

She’s come back to reclaim what she buried.

The car waits outside.

On debt, eviction, childhood, and the thing under the floorboards. On what remains, long after you’ve paid it off.

After 2014’s multi award-winning Nothing and 2015’s Some People Talk About Violence, Barrel Organ return with their third show. Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here is a road-trip. A haunted-house. A bedtime story. A photo-album. An ‘80s fantasy film. A demolition project. A riot.

Bite Size Festival returns to Warwick Arts Centre with another exciting programme celebrating and promoting some of the most intrepid and original theatre makers based in the Midlands. A chance for you to sample a range of great theatre in one place on one day.

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