Mozart Quartet in E flat K 428
Prokofiev Quartet No.1 in B minor Op.50
Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor Op.34 (with Simon Callaghan, piano)

When you add a piano to a string quartet, something extraordinary happens – something that lets composers unleash their wildest imagination. Johannes Brahms poured all his youthful heartbreak into his mighty Piano Quintet – and with the Coull Quartet’s old friend Simon Callaghan on piano, it won’t just catch fire: it’ll positively blaze.

It’s a long way from the spiky, sassy, super-dry vodka martini of a string quartet that Prokofiev wrote in jazz-age America. Or the sublime serenity of Mozart’s great Quartet K.428: the best conversation you’ll ever overhear. But passion is passion, and these very different masterpieces will strike brilliant sparks off each other.