We live in the future, in a world where Mankind is increasingly forced to relate to pre-programmed computer systems and algorithms that determine what we see and when. In a time where artificial intelligence left its adolescence behind, PIPS:lab and its audience will be completely guided by the ruthless self-taught computer system Terence McEnroy.

Recklessly cast between theatre, cinema, painting and music, this event provides a glimpse of the future where all boundaries between realities are fused. This is Dutch company, PIPS:Lab’s debut performance in the UK and brings to British audiences a hedonistic approach to theatre making you won’t forget.

Shadows in the Cloud by PIPS:Lab is presented as part of the Random String arts and creative technology programme, in partnership with Ludic Rooms.

This show takes place in The Goose Nest – our temporary theatre that opens from Oct 2017 until Jun 2018. Please note your tickets may state ‘Theatre Two’ – this is The Goose Nest theatre and your tickets are valid for this venue.