Two evenings of brilliant new ideas, explosions, experiments and answers to the questions taxing the University of Warwick’s finest minds.

Energy is a true superpower – it can’t be created or destroyed, only transferred from one form to another.

See some fiery transformations in this lively interactive lecture and discover what happens when you detonate over 1000 ping pong balls using liquid nitrogen. Hold onto your Santa hats!

Youth Theatre Curtain Raiser
Mon 27 Nov 2017, 6.20pm
Join Warwick Arts Centre’s Youth Theatre groups in this Curtain Raiser performance before the lecture! Over the past term, all three groups have been inspired by the themes of this year’s Christmas Lectures to create short ensemble pieces focusing on energy, colour and technology.
Entry is free for all audience members who have booked the lecture, so why not come and support our young performers during their first performance on the Goose Nest stage?