This session is designed for beginners and more experienced artists. We will start by looking at a range of drawings to encourage the group, showing unfinished work that doesn’t hide previous errors and are worked over.
In addition we will look at classical and contemporary drawings and discuss the relevant elements – the aim is to build up confidence and help participants engage in an exploration of mark making and media.

The morning will begin with a warm up exercise with short observations and recordings. The group will go onto doing larger drawings exploring charcoal, conte crayon and graphite sticks. Ink and wash will be offered. They will be shown methods of observation through measuring and using space shape etc; tonal awareness will follow in the afternoon, recording the effects of light through a variety of tones and reflective light.
The workshop should bring greater flexibility in observation and free the artists to explore their potential and realise their own style.

Brenda Wood is a local artist with degrees in Sculpture and Printmaking. She worked in secondary school education for many years inspiring many A’level students to go onto degree level. Since then she has worked extensively with adults and young people in a variety of settings. Presently she is teaching Sculpture workshops in stone from her studio in Allesley Village.
She holds strong beliefs about the value of Drawing and how it is instrumental in informing a personal response.

You will need:
Sketchbook (if you have one – don’t worry if you don’t!)
Any drawing materials they have and would like to use
Any interesting objects they have and would like to draw

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