Make an authentic style Japanese Kimono using a pattern made to your own size.

Buy your fabric from an authentic Japanese fabric and haberdashery company in advance of the class, (details here), or supply your own lightweight cotton fabric.

Beautiful authentic and traditional print designs, as well as contemporary ones to choose from.

The kimono design is unisex, so totally suitable for men as well as women, and is ideal for a lightweight wrap or dressing gown.

On leaving university Bobbie Seagroatt worked in the fashion industry as a freelance designer/pattern cutter for large high street stores and as an illustrator for national magazines. She now works as a designer / pattern cutter / maker in her own bespoke business, ’Atelier by Bobbie Seagroatt’. Her Atelier commissions range from designing and making costumes for stage and film, to couture wedding dresses and tailored tweed clothing.

Alongside her Atelier commissions Bobbie also works as a university and college lecturer, and holds a degree in Fashion & Textiles, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. When
Japanese methods of pattern cutting emerged about 10 years ago, Bobbie was fascinated by the revolutionary shapes that resulted. She began introducing these methods into her university teaching, painstakingly deciphering the books which, at the time, were only printed in Japanese!

Her personal research into pattern cutting, fabrics and clothing, has resulted in the gradual acquisition of her own small vintage clothing collection, which can be seen and referred to by students and visitors to her studio in Cropredy, Oxfordshire for one to one or small group classes in pattern cutting and sewing.

An abiding interest in anything to do with designing and making in flexible materials is the core thread that runs through everything she does, and she regards pattern cutting as the key to transformation. She has also recently restarted her own artwork, making large scale oil pastel paintings with clothing as the main subject matter.

You will need:

• Sewing kit and paper scissors
• Sewing machine
• Fabric – 4 metres of at least 114cm wide

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