Please note that the virtual reality sessions and talks are booked separately. To book a space on a free talk after your VR session, please click here.

Step into a range of boundary-pushing Virtual Reality experiences. Throughout the week, Limina’s Catherine Allen will lead exciting discussions about VR, alongside screenings of Empire Soldiers VR and Bosch and Magritte VR. Come along, dig a little deeper and get a sense of the VR creation process and its creative relevance to theatre and fine art.

Experience surrealism and its evolution like never before by flying through Bosch and Magritte’s mesmerising work in BDH Immersive’s Bosch VR and Magritte VR. Ride on a flying fish into the Garden of Eden, be tempted by strange fruit and even stranger rituals in Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. Then, immerse yourself in a series of Magritte’s landscapes; beach, forest, mountains and sky.

Join us after your VR session for a discussion around the origins of surrealism, its relevance to VR and how VR might become fine art’s next frontier.