Join us for a week of creative fossil and fantastic creature fun. There’s a different creative activity every day; from making your own tote bag to creating a giant prehistoric landscape. There’s something for everyone!

Date Activity Details
Tue 30 Oct Tote Bag Tuesday Design and make your own tote bag inspired by fossils and fabulous beasts. There will be some inspirational images of fossils and animals that you might find on our Art and Nature Trail. Or why not draw a dinosaur inspired by the show Dinosaur World Live? You could take your tote bag out on our Art and Nature Trail and use it to gather things that you find on the way – such as fallen leaves or conkers.
Wed 31 Oct Fossils and Footprints Use salt dough and Plasticine to make your own fossils or dinosaur footprints. You could take inspiration from the materials we have around. You can take home your fossil or footprint and paint it when the dough has dried out.
Thu 1 Nov Drawing Day – Exquisite Corpse Join us for drawing games. Using a technique devised by the Surrealists back in the 1920s, we are going to design our own dinosaurs.
Fri 2 Nov Origami Friday How many different animals can you make from paper? Why not take your animals out on the Art and Nature Trail and see what animals and sculptures you can find to show to your origami animals?
Sat 3 Nov Create a Prehistoric Landscape Help us to create a giant prehistoric landscape, collage and drawing. Using the materials provided, let’s turn the Creative Learning space into a huge collaborative Dinosaur World picture.