When people at school start forgetting things,Scott wonders if he’s the only one who’s noticed. He and some of the school’s misfits seem to be the only ones who can see what’s happening. Is it the weather? Is it a virus? They must join forces to try and work out what is causing everyone in town to lose all sense of who they are.
The Blue Electric Wind is about why we remember what we do; it’s about bravery and about growing up.

Our senior youth theatre group, the Warwick Arts Centre Connections Company, present The Blue Electric Wind by Brad Birch. The performance of this brand new play is part of the Connections Project, and is written specifically for a young cast.

“I wanted to write an ensemble adventure story set in an ordinary school and to create the kind of story I would have enjoyed when I was the age of the characters. I think there’s something interesting in questions around the role of our memory in society, and how young people’s relationships with their memories change over time.” Brad Birch on the play.


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Our Creative Learning Team says
Suitable for GCSE and A level students. This is a new play commissioned by the National Theatre’s Connections Festival. The performance is by Warwick Arts Centre’s Youth Theatre and is an opportunity for young people to see each other in performance.

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