An opportunity to learn a new skill for life, the art of beautiful handwriting is now available in this special one-day Masterclass.

Using traditional and modern techniques, enjoy the pleasure of putting pen to paper with easy-to-follow instructions from a professional scribe. You will learn how to improve your handwriting, create a style of your own and add to card-making skills.

All class materials and equipment are supplied.

Sandra Grayson is a pioneer keeping handwriting alive and well in the digital age. After working as professional calligrapher to Chanel, The British Museum and Mont Blanc, Sandra now turns her skills to teaching adults beautiful handwriting. Sandra also gives special talks on Graphology, a little-known subject relating to handwriting analysis.

Please note that the usual Warwick Arts Centre Terms and Conditions do not apply to Masterclasses. Click here for the Masterclasses Terms and Conditions, or download them from the right hand side of the page.