Following the success of the awarding-winning production of Euripides’ Medea in January 2018, this year the Warwick Classics Department and Classics Society present a musical showcase of Aristophanes’ comedy Frogs (5th century BC).

The play dramatises the journey of Dionysus, the patron-god of the theatre (Hamish Traill), and his lovable slave (Wilkie Dickinson-Sparkes) to the Underworld as they hope to resurrect Dionysus’ beloved playwright Euripides. For Dionysus, the recent death of Euripides has signalled the death of Greek tragedy itself and a cultural drought for Athens…But is he right? Along the way, the god is tested and challenged by the musical chorus, as he undergoes his own personal journey.

On the Thu 24 Jan 6.30pm, there will be a pre-performance discussion led by Dr Emmanuela Bakola, academic consultant of the production (Warwick) and Professor Toph Marshall (University British Columbia), author of several books and articles on Greek drama. Attendance to the pre-performance discussion is free.

With thanks to the Warwick Impact Fund, IAS Impact Development Fund and Warwick Academic Resource Committee for sponsoring the production.