Please note that the performance on Wed 6 Mar 2019 has been cancelled. Ticket holders for this event will be contacted by Box Office. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A cèilidh, barn dance or country dance (different names for the same thing) is a great fun way to meet people and even helps to keep you fit. No prior dancing experience is necessary as all the dances are called, and the caller will explain all the dances in detail, and ensure that everyone has great fun no matter how many right and left feet you may have!

The Bang On The Wall Band consists of Martin Wildig on lead melodeon, Phil Preen on percussion and tin whistle, Michael Scrivens on bass and Neil Cadwallader on guitar. The band play mostly traditional English, Scottish, Irish and American tunes, but you may hear the occasional tune from mainland Europe or Scandinavia, and also modern tunes composed by a band member or friend of the band.

“Martin’s forceful, driving melodeon playing, Phil’s unique percussion style, and their enthusiasm for the music, combine to create the band’s wonderfully danceable sound.”