Imagine stepping out of your front door, wherever you live, and feeling close to nature. Imagine what this could do for our wellbeing, our confidence and sense of adventure. Being in nature is one of the best things we can do to stay happy and healthy. So how can we support our urban and rural landscapes so that everywhere we live is as rich and teaming with life as a nature reserve? Through rewilding, permaculture, regeneration, diversification and exploration, our expert wild speakers will remind us that all nature is connected, including us.

With guest speakers* Kurikindi*,* Carole Wright*, Mima Letts and Ruth West.

Carole Wright
Carole is a community gardener and beekeeper. For 20 years Carole has been involved with community projects in her native London running arts and urban gardening projects with resident groups, schools, businesses.
For the past three years she has been working outside of the M25 giving talks, running practical workshops on community engagement always with a focus on enabling positive change for lower income households.

Mima Letts
Mima Letts is the founder and director of Tree Sparks a student-led social enterprise which wants to ignite the conversation about trees. Mima is passionate about more people joining forestry as a career path, especially women. Her work with trees has changed her perception on life, given her a more grounded, longer term view of the world.

Kurikindi is a shaman and Amazonian tribal leader from the Kichwa people in Ecaudor. He has a lifelong spiritual connection with plants and timeless wisdom. He believes that where our ancestors made mistakes, we have a responsibility to learn from those mistakes and to mend our relationship with the natural world. To make things better is within our power. His teachings are of love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Ruth West
Ruth has followed a varied career from community worker in London’s east end to helping a group of indigenous women in the Peruvian Andes set up a social enterprise based on their traditional knowledge, to more recently running her local farmers’ market and co-founding the hugely successful Oxford Real Farming Conference, which promotes greener, fairer farming.

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