Christie Watson was a nurse for 20 years. Her most recent bestselling book, The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story is an astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of care, compassion and kindness.

In the year in which we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, The Language of Kindness became one of 2018’s most urgent, most talked about and best-loved books, so join us for an evening of insight from the front line with the author.

“A remarkable book about life and death and so brilliantly written it makes you hold your breath.” Ruby Wax

“It made me cry. It made me think. It made me laugh. It encouraged me to appreciate this most underappreciated of professions more than ever … A gently remarkable book… it’s a privilege to have Christie as our guide.” Adam Kay, Guardian

“This is a phenomenal book, a love song for the NHS and its staff – the hundreds of millions of us who have gained from it throughout our lives have Christie Watson to thank for delivering it on our behalf. Passionate, political, heartbreaking, it is beautifully written in the fiercely honest language of kindness itself.” Stella Duffy

“A poignant and powerful account of what it’s like to be a nurse. It’s a profession that touches all our lives delivering expert and compassionate care from the cradle to the grave. A must-read for nurses and those interested in understanding the true art and science of nursing.” Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England


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