Join us in the Creative Learning space from 10am – 4pm every day of the half term holiday for some FREE arty fun.

Monday: Kite Making and Construction
Make and decorate an indoor kite using the materials we have and take it on an adventure… Where do you want to go? What do you want to discover? You could take your kite on our sculpture trail and discover art and nature. Or use it indoors (if your grownups say that’s ok). Or, construct a mobile with wire and string that can hang in your garden and move in the wind – a bit like ‘Wind Sculpture’ on our trail.

Tuesday: Kite Making and Tote bag Tuesday
Make an indoor kite and draw and decorate a tote bag or t-shirt with inspirational images of nature. Can you draw a windy day? Draw yourself holding onto your new kite and going on a wonderful adventure. We can also start the sky for our every-growing woodland… add clouds and wind to our sky and maybe a fab drawing of a kite…

Wednesday: Ever Growing Woodland. Paper and wire trees – creating a woodland bursting into spring
Help us to fill our woodland with trees. You could make models to take home and make one to leave in our woodland. You could even find twigs and leaves outside, to help you make trees for our woodland. Maybe draw some for us too.

Thursday: Ever Growing Woodland. Footprints
Make a footprint of a forest animal to take home and if you have time, you could make one to put into our ever growing woodland. And maybe draw some for us too.

Friday – Ever Growing Woodland. Animals
Make moles, and hares and field mice and put them into our ever growing woodland. Using folding paper techniques or just drawing your animals.

Saturday – Drawing day
Come and join us on the last day of our ever growing woodland. What else can you add to it? We’ve been creating a wonderful woodland that is bursting into spring all week. Bring your grownups along and add a tree, or small animal or just some blossom and see how it’s grown and changed.