Le Gateau Chocolat is a one-of-a-kind sensation in cabaret, drag and show business – a larger-than-life vocal talent who can belt out a tumultuous array of hits with his booming baritone and big personality, all parcelled up in a fabulous layer of lycra and sequinned dresses.

In his latest work Icons, Le Gateau Chocolat walks the tightrope between his public and private personas, exploring the people, the moments, the relationships and the art that have come to shape us and the ideals we aspire to.

Accompanied by a live band, Gateau unashamedly weaves through an eclectic mix of music; pop, opera, rock, Kate Bush, Whitney, Meatloaf, Pavarotti … investigating his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his personal icons.

“His voice is both delicate and gloriously meteorological, his ceiling-lifting baritone rich and silky as a Lindor truffle and resonant as a bell.” The Stage