Ripe by Tilly Lee-Kronik

What do you expect when you see me? Ripe is a surreal exploration of our attitudes and assumptions towards female performers. Using technical static trapeze, contemporary dance and original text, Ripe aims to unpeel stereotypes that people wrap around women’s bodies.

Tilly Lee-Kronik spent her childhood singing, dancing and performing, but her love for circus began at an international aerial dance festival, where she first discovered she could dance in the air. She completed her degree at Circomedia, specialising in static trapeze and physical theatre. Since graduating Tilly has worked for Circus Company Cirque Bijou, Full Tilt Aerial Dance, danced in a site-specific show with Stacked Wonky Dance Theatre, and started developing and performing her solo work.

What Does Stuff Do? by Robin Boon Dale

Juggler, water-bender, and part time deep thinker Robin Boon Dale presents his award-winning show.

What Does Stuff Do? is a TED Talk-esque performance about the relationships between people and things, which pivots between absurdity and profundity.

Robin guides you through his mind and body of research, utilising insights from his circus training alongside ideas borrowed from object oriented philosophy, to offer new ways of thinking about the physical world.

Featuring pouring, performance ping pong, and a motivational speech delivered by a man in swimming trunks, this eccentric renegade philosophy lecture flourishes into an astounding circo-oddyssey.