Jay Langdell leads a one day workshop that takes you through all of the stages of filmmaking; planning, shooting, cutting and beyond; sharing. For business or pleasure, this workshop will re-enforce prior knowledge and show best practice for new skills and methodology.

It’s fun and very practical with lots of opportunity to learn and refine key filmmaking skills. Follow the filmmaker’s process through pre to post production, looking at location, equipment, on-screen focus, lighting and sound and how to make the most of you budget.

By the end of the day you will have produced a short film, and know what’s involved in the next steps of sharing and developing your creation.

Jay will return to Warwick Arts Centre on Sun 5 May to delve deeper into Editing and other post-production techniques and offers the perfect opportunity to develop your skills from this session. For more information, click here

Bookers will need to have HitFilm Express installed and activated on your laptop. Link to download page is here: They should also bring their phones, with sufficient charge, and something that makes you happy (an object or picture). An email will be sent to bookers a week before the session with more detailed instructions on what to bring.

Please note that the usual Warwick Arts Centre Terms and Conditions do not apply to Masterclasses. Click here for the Masterclasses Terms and Conditions, or download them from the right hand side of the page.