Often, when trying to write a novel, what to develop first – the character or the plot – seems a little like the chicken and the egg conundrum. Overwhelming and impossible.

This course will offer some practical advice on how to take steps to develop believable, vital and rounded characters that drive a plot right to the end of writing a novel. Looking at whether characters need to be likeable, the tiering of multiple characters and why poorly drawn characters might be responsible for writers’ block, Adele Parks will demonstrate how plot and character are co-dependent and complimentary.

Adele Parks has published eighteen novels in eighteen years, all of which have been bestsellers. She’s sold over three and a half million copies of her work in the UK alone but is also translated into 26 different languages. She writes numerous articles and short stories for national magazines and newspapers and often appears on radio and TV, talking about her work and related matters.

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