Anna Meredith brings her second studio album, FIBS, to Warwick Arts Centre as part of her latest UK band tour.

Arriving three and a half years on from the release of her Scottish Album of the Year Award-winning debut studio album Varmints, FIBS is 45 minutes of technicolour maximalism, almost perpetual rhythmic reinvention, and boasts a visceral richness and unparalleled accessibility.

FIBS is Varmints 2.0, an overhauled and updated version of the composer’s soundworld. FIBS, says Meredith, are “lies – but nice friendly lies, little stories and constructions and daydreams and narratives that you make for yourself or you tell yourself”. Entirely internally generated and perfectly balanced, they can be a source of comfort and excitement, intrigue and endless entertainment.

“One of the most innovative minds in modern British music” Pitchfork

“Meredith and her band excel at…surprising you into hearing classical instruments anew” The Guardian

“Uncategorisable electronic musician and composer” Wire

“Meredith is a classically trained beatsmith who uses her highbrow skillset to experimental ends with thrilling results” Diva