Emilie Gallier, an Amsterdam-based choreographer conducting dance research at Coventry University, presents the performance Papier multiforme, Papier comestible and invites responses to the work by the critically acclaimed magician Vincent Gambini and the sound artist Margarida Guia.

A choreography of hands and eyes, where magic and reading meet. Papier multiforme, Papier comestible draws on the magic object Trouble Wit used by 19th century magician Felicien Trewey, and on Hand Movie by Yvonne Rainer. In a Kafkaesque atmosphere, black and white, with the poetry and humour of Edward Gorey’s children’s stories, Papier multiforme, Papier comestible cares about attention.

Please be aware that there will be some standing and sitting on the floor as a part of the performance. If you require a seat for the duration of the performance, please make a member of staff aware.


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