A story of love, devotion and commitment; to a god, to a myth, to a way of moving and being.

Set against a visual backdrop of projections, this research places the Varnam, a ‘piece de resistance’ of a Bharatanatyam repertoire performance, within an ever-changing, fluid contemporary moment. Personal, artistic lineage, historical nostalgia and reverence for tradition form the core of this production. Inspired by Saskia Kersenboom’s book Word, Sound, Image (1995) and Chitra Sundaram’s performance Moham – A Magnificent Obsession (2003). Created as part of The Place’s research and development programme Choreodrome 2017.

Divya Katsuri has worked with leading British theatre company Complicite, in their multi-award winning production A Disappearing Number, directed by the acclaimed director/actor Simon McBurney. She has rendered vocals and co-choreographed the dance sequence in the play apart form being one of the cast. Divya is formally trained in Indian classical music (carnatic) and has lent vocals for internationally acclaimed composers: Sir Paul McCartney, Nitin Sawhney and Maestro Ilayaraja.

Join Divya Kasturi for a dance and movement workshop before the show. For more information, click here