Join award winning chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh for an afternoon of Easter-themed chocolate designing.

Start your afternoon with real hot chocolate then learn how to use the Sensory Tasting Ritual. Flavour is something that we experience with more than just our mouths; it’s a journey we go on with all our senses. As much as 90% of what we taste is derived from our nose but the other 10% comes from a symphony of all of our other senses. In this lesson you will taste four chocolates from different origins and experience the vast difference.

Then, you’ll get to settle in and decorate and package some Easter chocolate treats to take home.

Please note that the usual Warwick Arts Centre Terms and Conditions do not apply to Masterclasses. Click here for the Masterclasses Terms and Conditions, or download them from the right hand side of the page.


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