Explore the digital literacy of today and how you can support young people’s development, while increasing your own knowledge and understanding, covering both Primary and Secondary stages of the Computing Curriculum.

Each Key Stage will be covered by looking at the basics, government guidelines, targets and school expectations with practical hands on examples.

More than just coding, the curriculum ranges from hardware to software, algorithms, design, ethics, safety and creativity. All of these will be explored and discussed during the workshop, providing an opportunity to explore and experience the curriculum to allow participants to gain confidence and the knowledge needed to offer the support to young people today.

Links, resources and a variety of support materials will be referenced for each Stage and to cover a wide range of abilities.

Please note that the usual Warwick Arts Centre Terms and Conditions do not apply to Masterclasses. Click here for the Masterclasses Terms and Conditions, or download them from the right hand side of the page.


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