Two men playing instruments, on the left a man with a violin, on the right a man with a guitar

Justin Adams & Mauro Durante

Sunday 15 May 2022 7:45pm
Need to know

Tickets: £18 Under 26s £10

This new collaboration between Justin Adams and Mauro Durante stems from a concert led by Ludovico Einaudi, where the two first played together and recognised kindred spirits in the trance rhythms of Taranta

The pair released their album Still Moving to acclaim in October 2021 and together they create a raw, stripped-back sound that moves and mesmerises.

Adams is a guitarist, producer and composer, and has been a chief collaborator with Robert Plant in his band, The Sensational Spaceshifters. Mauro Durante toured the world for years with Einaudi playing violin and frame drums. He is one of the leading players in the pizzica style of Southern Italy.