Portrait of Poet & Artist Dzifa Benson

Poetry Parade: Re-imagining the Jubilee with Dzifa Benson

Words and Ideas
Wednesday 1 June 2022 1pm - 3pm
Mead Gallery
Need to know

A note for participants:
As there are a wide range of views and lived experience around many complex topics linked to this workshop, we ask all participants to agree to interact and engage with kindness and respect, and with an expectation that you are likely to hear perspectives which may differ significantly from your own. Everyone’s contribution is valuable – and diversity of contribution is also valuable.


1 hour

Recommended Age:

Join us as we invite you, and all members across our community, to creatively explore what the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee means to you. 

Do you want a chance to express your feelings about the jubilee in poetry or prose? Working in the stimulating space of Warwick Arts Centre’s summer exhibition, Prophecy - which explores history, survival and place - poet, dramatist and writer Dzifa Benson will lead participants in creatively exploring the wider meaning of what the Jubilee represents in a diverse 21st century Britain.

In June 2022, the UK will observe the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of her reign.

Many communities across the UK are set to commemorate this unprecedented milestone; typically, with traditional street parties; bunting (colourful festive fabric decorations); and cream teas.

Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to reach their Platinum Jubilee; and the seven decades of her reign have seen the end of much or all of the remaining British Empire, with scores of nations and hundreds of millions of people outside the UK leaving her rule; many changes to the Commonwealth of Nations through which many of those nations still associate with Britain; and both great increases in the diversity of the UK population and substantial narrowings in the legal definition of a British citizen.

This event is in partnership with The University of Warwick's Global Connections Team. 

Booking is required for this event. Please send an email with your request.